Why Invest in our Money Market Fund?

The Fund offers a wide range of investors the opportunity to invest in varieties of short-term money market instruments. It aims to generate income as well as preserve investors principal by investing in instruments approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).


The Fund will actively manage its asset allocation to invest more in treasury bills under adverse market conditions, and allocating more to other money market instruments during normal market conditions. The Fund is expected to print in higher than the projected inflation rate over the next 3 years. It is rated A(f)’ by Agusto & Co and listed on FMDQ.

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What We Do

Portfolio Managed Services

At First Ally Asset Management, we understand that each client is unique. Our Portfolio Management Service offers clients access to professionally managed portfolios with investment strategies that are specifically designed to meet each client’s...

Structured Products

FAAM creates “bespoke” investment instruments to enable our clients achieve their defined objectives. The structured products include:
Fixed Rate Note (FRN): The FRN is targeted at Institutional and Private clients looking to lock in a competitive rate for...

Fund Investment Products

FAAM offers pooled investment products like mutual funds and Unit Trusts. Each product has a guiding Investment Policy which stipulates the investment objectives, asset allocation policy, risks, holding period and other operational parameters...

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