At First Ally Asset Management, we understand that each client is unique. Our Portfolio management service offers clients access to professionally managed portfolios with investment strategies that are specifically designed to meet each client’s investment objectives.

Our Privately Managed Accounts (“PMA”) deliver a turnkey investment solution to our clients. FAAM will arrange for custody, execution and set the necessary investment strategies to deliver our clients desired objectives. The PMA is a discretionary product, so the FAAM will make all the investment decisions. These decisions will be guided by the client’s objectives and any specific directions as to exclusion of asset class or particular security types. The assets in the PMA, as with all our client’s assets will be held in custody by a third party SEC registered custodian.

Our Portfolio Advisory Service (“PAS”) (“PAS”) sets asset allocation strategy, security selection and divestment methodologies. The execution of our strategy can then be undertaken by the client at their discretion or by FAAM with the client’s approval. This service is excellent for clients with internal money management teams, large individual investors or clients who must, due to regulatory constraints, take final responsibility for their investment decisions: