Our Services

At First Ally Asset Management, we understand that each client is unique. Our Portfolio Management Service offers clients access to professionally managed portfolios with investment strategies that are specifically designed to meet each client’s investment objectives.

Our Privately Managed Accounts: PMAs are managed in discretionary or non-discretionary portfolio for clients,  underlined by treasury backed instrument such as treasury bills, Eurobond etc. The investment decision are tailored towards maximizing customers return by investing  across various asset classes i.e. equity management, treasury management or a  combination of both.

Treasury Management Services: FAAM delivers a full range of services to assist SMEs,  small corporates and industries achieve maximum value from their cash operations  by providing access to a full spectrum of cash management instruments and  customized short-duration portfolios that are managed to each customer’s specific  investments guidelines, risk profile and liquidity needs.

FAAM offers pooled investment products like mutual funds and Unit Trusts. Each product has a guiding Investment Policy which stipulates the investment objectives, asset allocation policy, risks, holding period and other operational parameters.

These products are well suited for investors with more modest portfolio sizes. In this structure they will benefit from the collective efforts of like-minded investors and receive the same benefits that are currently enjoyed by large institutional investors. Some of these products are:

FAAM High Yield Scheme (FAAM HYIS): The FAAM HYIS is a pooled investment fund  that affords investors an attractive return on their investment. With minimum  investment of N50,000.00 investors in FAAM HYIS get a higher return from investing  due to the ability to buy instruments directly and negotiate more favorable rates  based on the size of the entire portfolio and daily accumulation of interest.

FAAM Money Market Fund: This is an open-ended money market investment scheme registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a low risk investment fund that seeks to provide income consistent with capital preservation and liquidity. The primary objective of the Fund is providing steady stream of income to investors by investing in high quality short term money market instruments and government securities, which are expected to deliver highly competitive returns

FAAM creates “bespoke” investment instruments to enable our clients achieve their defined objectives. The structured products include:

Fixed Rate Note (FRN): The FRN is targeted at Institutional and Private clients looking to lock in a competitive rate for their investment. An instrument with a short term investment maturity usually between a fixed period of 30 – 180 days.

Eurobonds: Eurobonds are debt instruments denominated in a currency other than the home currency of the country or market in which it is issued. They give competitive returns and a hedge against the domestic currency’s decline. Eurobonds can be considered a suitable investment, as a Eurobond portfolio could be structured to meet future expected liquidity needs and offers an attractive return on investments as well as a no tax benefit on coupon payment. This investment has a minimum investment outlay of $200,000.

FAAM Premium Eurobond Note (FAAMPEN): FAAM PEN is a foreign currency denominated note that is backed by an acceptable debt instrument. The investment guaranties fixed interest payments bi-annually and full redemption of face value at maturity. With a minimum investment outlay of $2,500, investors are hedged against market and political risks, exposed to international markets, have the opportunity to earn tax free coupon as well as diversified portfolio.

Principal Protected Equity Linked Note (PriPEL Note): PriPEL Note allow clients have exposure within the equity market whilst maintaining relative safety of its principal and providing growth to their interest through exposure to other asset classes. The note affords clients to have an opportunity to  invest in the volatile equity market and at the same time minimizing downside risk.

First Ally Asset Management Limited (“FAAM”) actively seeks opportunities in private companies at various stages from “green field” to “growth”. We selectively invest our capital alongside our client’s capital in these opportunities that we believe offer extraordinary growth potential.

We focus on scalable businesses which disrupt current business practice or substitute local production for imported goods. While being sector agnostic FAAM believes that the Agribusiness, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (“FMCG”), Financial services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Technology sectors represent areas with significant growth and profit potential in today’s economy.

FAAM in its investment in these companies will look to bring all its relationships and experience to bear in supporting the growth of these companies. The “non-listed” space requires patient capital and a long term goal oriented perspective to deliver the returns and promise these companies hold.